About FIRE

How I got into FiRE

I actually became a member of the Financial Independence Retire Early movement many years ago and became FI just not long ago.

The FI (Financial Independence & Retire Early) movement is really a life-style movement whose target is financial freedom and retiring early. It is actually a good community of individuals who make use of websites and social media to transmit and get support on their fiscal objectives.

Individuals seeking to achieve FIRE intentionally maximize their financial savings level by discovering approaches to raise income or decrease costs. The goal would be to build up assets up until the resulting passive income provides ample money for living expenses in perpetuity.

Many proponents of the FI movement recommend the 4% principle being a guide, thus setting a goal of a minimum of 30 times predicted annual living expenses. Upon achieving economic freedom, paid work gets to be optional, allowing for retirement from conventional work years earlier than the regular retirement age.

I hope this site will help you invest correctly and intelligently so that you also can finish earlier.

Remaining retired: it has already been over 4 years since I finished work and daily life has been wonderful. I’m usually very busy with our home and also the blog site. See that I didn’t state ‘stop working’ within the initial paragraph. You don’t have to stop working when you retire. Many individuals volunteer, convert a hobby into a small business, or perhaps begin a 2nd career once they retire. Every early retiree I am aware of remains to be operating in some capacity. It’s never good for our mental wellness to quit doing work completely when you’re still productive.

Here's a link to a YouTube video on FIRE

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